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One Minute Fly

Peter Aldag - Jan.28.2011 · 0 Kommentare

As its name is already telling, the One Minute Fly has got a very limited lifespan. One minute in which it wants to experience everything that makes life worth living…

4 fabulous Loudspeakers for different purposes, four little Enhancers for your Day.

Adorable little Speakers. This is how 2011 can sound.

Peter Aldag - Jan.01.2011 · 0 Kommentare

2010 was a great year in music. Guess we are all looking forward on what is coming up in 2011. Naturally, music has also to do with high-tech and sound engineering. Both, the quality of the sound and the situative fit of the device make the difference not to forget Design, a value of its own. Think about Loudspeakers, think about travel baggage – only the right equipment provides a pleasant journey. Same with enjoying music. Here are 4 fabulous Loudspeakers for different purposes, little Enhancers for your Day, for travelling, for your computer, for kitchen and garden and for always. All personally tested by the Frogfisher, all very much appreciated, all highly recommended. read complete article…

2010 was a great year for music. Christmas time and new year are great times to discover what you may have missed in 2010. Why not our 9 albums of contemporary music 2010, recommended by Marc Dienewald former “Starwash”, Hamburg. Until new year we will post one album a day.

#9 album of the year: Duran Duran “All You Need Is Now”

Marc Dienewald - Dec.24.2010 · 0 Kommentare

The Album just appeared on December 21 and its great. The Comeback of the Year! Here is our #9: Duran Duran “All You Need Is Now. Surprisingly great, one of the very few 80′s dinosaurs that are still alive and kicking. “I’m feeling that Ronson beat and it scares me too…” Producer Mark Ronson took them back to Rio and that was a very good idea! The album features Kelis and some Scissor Sisters on vocals. The track Safe (In The Heat Of The Moment) features Miss Ana Matronic so be sure to give it a listen, especially the fantastic part starting at 2:44. The album just dropped digitally on the 21st of December and will physically appear in February 2011. Check out Girl Panic, Being Followed or the first single, All You Need Is Now. Listen and buy Album on iTunes. See the official Video on YouTube. It is very good.

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