Farben sind im Corporate Design zuerst ein ganz konsequenter Anwendungsvorgang, dann ein Lernvorgang und daraus folgend, strategische Waffe von höchster Durchschlagskraft.

Corporate Design – Ein Kessel Buntes?

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Original-Illustration der ersten Lila- Kuh-Kampagne von Dieter Ziegenfeuter Was leistet denn schon so ein schnödes Thema wie Farbe, außer dass sie dem ganz persönlichen Geschmack folgt. So die oberflächliche Meinung derjenigen, denen Farbe als ein hochstrategisches Tool unbekannt ist. Dann geht es ganz dem subjektiven Geschmack nach: Blau, Rot, Gelb, nein lauter, auffälliger sollte sie schon sein – also Orange zum Beispiel, Orange find ich schön… doch: welches Orange bitteschön.

Abb. Original-Illustration der Lila- Kuh-Kampagne für Milka von Dieter Ziegenfeuter

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Ageless Beauties – Typeface “Ambroise” and Chillwave Musicians “Washed Out”

Beauty Sure Does Sell!

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In our design business, we have learned from publishing houses that cover artwork has great influence on buying decisions even if customers have not a glue about the content or have never heard of the author. Beauty seems really not to be an obstacle for economical success, hey marketing numbnuts! believe it or not. Same happened here as we were stunned first by the great artwork of Ernest Greene aka Washed Out’s new album, “Within or Without”, second we had a listen, third, we loved it even more.

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One&Only Reethi Rah is just 35km (22 miles) from the airport at Male’, the capital of the Maldives. A 50-minute luxury launch aboard the One&Only yacht brings guests directly to the resort located on one of the largest islands in North Male’ Atoll.

The One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives

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Surrounded by the wonders of the crystal blue ocean, this superb all-villa resort offers an unrivalled level of style, choice and personalized exploration. Sleek and spectacular, with unprecedented privacy, One&Only Reethi Rah inspires extraordinary journeys for the soul. Set on one of the largest islands in North Male’ Atoll, adorned with endless white sand coves and turquoise bays, all villas enjoy beautiful ocean views and direct access to the lagoon. One&Only Reethi Rah offers the ultimate holiday experience to those seeking the pinnacle of tropical luxury. Nowhere else in the Maldives is there a resort with this much space and exclusivity.

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Nobu Restaurant in the Spectacular Atlantis Resort on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah

Superb Interior Design

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Nobu Dubai was an evolution of many of the concepts Rockwell Group developed for the flagship Nobu Fifty Seven in New York, such as the emphasis on craftsmanship, natural materials and storytelling. The textures and materials in this particular location were chosen to reflect the finely crafted cuisine and Nobu’s roots in the Japanese countryside, while also celebrating the Dubai beachfront context. To anchor the restaurant in its location, Rockwell Group surrounded the restaurant walls and ceilings with large hand-woven curvilinear abaca panels to evoke an environment submerged under an ocean wave, and added accents of traditional Middle Eastern vernacular architecture such as hand-wrought iron columns of flowers, leaves and buds.

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Nice plaything just for fun: The Lobstores.


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We have worked on this project a couple of years ago and since then, the Lobstores meander a little bit around in the infinite webspace until we brought them back to intermar.co. The Lobstores are a virtual band of -you guessed it- lobsters. See all lobster characters here. By clicking on the characters, the lobster starts to play its instrument, so you can create your very own version of the song. Well, it’s a Flash application and does not work on mobile apple devices. Music written and performed by Marc Dienewald, the characters were drawn by Maria Ploskow, the animation and flash programming is made by Fabian Stein from dasbomm. Enjoy! Hope you like.

Click image to play Lobsterbeats:


4 fabulous Loudspeakers for different purposes, four little Enhancers for your Day.

Adorable little Speakers. This is how 2011 can sound.

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2010 was a great year in music. Guess we are all looking forward on what is coming up in 2011. Naturally, music has also to do with high-tech and sound engineering. Both, the quality of the sound and the situative fit of the device make the difference not to forget Design, a value of its own. Think about Loudspeakers, think about travel baggage – only the right equipment provides a pleasant journey. Same with enjoying music. Here are 4 fabulous Loudspeakers for different purposes, little Enhancers for your Day, for travelling, for your computer, for kitchen and garden and for always. All personally tested by the Frogfisher, all very much appreciated, all highly recommended. read complete article…