“Making of” Foto- und Filmproduktion Flusskreuzfahrt auf Rhein und Main

Making-of Haase im Fluss

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Foto- und Filmproduktion auf Rhein und Main. 3 Tage, 10 Themen, 22 Einstellungen, 945 Fotos in der Endauswahl. Fotografie: Esther Haase, Assistenten: Michael Gilbert, Pascal Winter, Claudia Hettwer, Digital Operator: Thomas Stefan, Film: Philipp Wolf, Styling: Cecily Turner, Jeanette Lederer, Hair Make-up: Georgios Tsiogkas, Aysu Zilelioglu, Modelle: Claudia, Menina, Wookie, Andreas, Tankred, Edelassi: Michael Diehl, Konzept und Produktion: Peter Aldag, Intermar & Corporate by Ron Imelauer. Ausgewählte Endergebnisse des Shootings finden Sie auf unserer Website unter TUI Flussgenuss. read complete article…

Orascom Development plans to build a luxury destination at Oued Chbika, located only 300 km south of Agadir, Marocco.

Stadt in der Wüste – La Citadelle, Maroque

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Qued Chbika - Riad

Under an agreement with the Kingdom of Morocco and in line with the government’s plans to make Morocco a top class tourism destination, Orascom Development plans to build a luxury destination at Oued Chbika, located only 300 km south of Agadir and a quick flight from the heart of Europe. We were there: Project, Place and Plan are breathtaking! Construction of the marina already started and while we were visiting, a massive population of flamingos were enjoying the atlantic beachlife. Click on to view the full size photo gallery with some recent shots.

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Genova, Marseille, Tanger, Casablanca, Cádiz, Cartagena, Barcelona, Genova. A 9 Day Cruise with Louis Majesty in the Meditteranean Winter.

On a Winter Cruise with Louis Majesty

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Meditteranean Sea

Nine day cruise, full board, incredible low price, all friendly people from France, Germany, Italy and many othe countries within the Meditteranean Sea in winter 2010. We took a cruise with Louis Majesty, a true and very charming 3*** cruiseship from Louis Cruises and we would like to do it again. Temperatures were pleasant, sea and views are simply breathtaking, the atmosphere was cosy, warm and honest and the drinks were cold and tasty. Here are some impressions of the cruise photographed with iPhone and Hipstamatic.

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4 fabulous Loudspeakers for different purposes, four little Enhancers for your Day.

Adorable little Speakers. This is how 2011 can sound.

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2010 was a great year in music. Guess we are all looking forward on what is coming up in 2011. Naturally, music has also to do with high-tech and sound engineering. Both, the quality of the sound and the situative fit of the device make the difference not to forget Design, a value of its own. Think about Loudspeakers, think about travel baggage – only the right equipment provides a pleasant journey. Same with enjoying music. Here are 4 fabulous Loudspeakers for different purposes, little Enhancers for your Day, for travelling, for your computer, for kitchen and garden and for always. All personally tested by the Frogfisher, all very much appreciated, all highly recommended. read complete article…

Blue Corner Coco Huts Bar & Restaurant, Benaulim, Goa, India.

Zero Star Deluxe

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Blue Corner, Benaulim Beach, Goa, India6

Blue Corner is a bar & restaurant with 12 coco huts. Perfectly located directly on benaulim beach with its colourful population of indian fishermen, cows, dogs and mostly indian visitors. It is a great and honest zero star establishment with personal deluxe service, fantastic staff and a excellent tandoori cuisine. Read on to view the photo gallery. See more Corporate Images. read complete article…

Sardine fishing at Benaulim Beach, Goa, India


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About 50 people involved. Amazingly well organized. everybody knows exactly what to do. 2-3 hours of work. good catch. everybody very happy. zero huzzle about the shares. absolutely no left overs, no garbage, not a single sardine. Photos taken by Peter Aldag with Hipstamatic for iPhone for TheFrogfisher. Read on to view photo gallery. See more Corporate Images. read complete article…