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One Minute Fly

Peter Aldag - Jan.28.2011 · 0 Kommentare

As its name is already telling, the One Minute Fly has got a very limited lifespan. One minute in which it wants to experience everything that makes life worth living…

Ready to start! We wish you an amazing 2011.

#1 album of 2010: Arcade Fire “The Suburbs”

Marc Dienewald - Jan.01.2011 · 0 Kommentare

A Masterpiece. Arcade Fire released their third Studio Album, The Suburbs, in 2010 to further critical and commercial success, receiving another Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Album, as well as a nomination for Album of The Year. Extra points for superb Artwork, Website (in HTML5!) and a Web 2.0 marketing as it should be… Nuff said, everybody loves that Album and deservedly so! Album in iTunes. Ready? Video on YouTube: read complete article…

The Frogfisher’s choice of the top 9 albums 2010 in contemporary music. Edited by Marc Dienewald, Hamburg.

#2 album of the year: Caribou “Swim”

Marc Dienewald - Dec.30.2010 · 0 Kommentare

Don’t let the name fool you. This is not Ethno World Music or Happy Caribbean Steeldrum Sound. This is psychedelic electronic singer-songwriter kraut pop…with an experimental twist and a little dub, too :) . Swim is a really outstanding album by Canadian mastermind Daniel Snaith who is based in London now. Amazing music that doesn’t chum up with anybody. Check out Jamelia and Odessa and the goddamn rest of the album! Easy and well done. This is what 2010 sounds like! This is what we all wanted the Hot Chip album to be like ;) Our album of the year 2010 if there wasn’t the other one that will be shown tomorrow! Frogfisher says: Hey man, this was a good year! Listen to and buy Caribou on iTunes. read complete article…

Superb story about Magnum Photographer Dennis Stock and his work on an image of James Dean.

James Dean by Dennis Stock / Magnum Photos

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Stock met Dean in Hollywood in January 1955. Following him on a visit from his birthplace, to New York City, and back to Hollywood, Stock recorded unforgettable images. Magnum was founded by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa and others as their own photographer’s representation, taking care of the economical part so the photographers can focus on their work.

read complete article…

British humour on the edge by John Cleese

John Cleese answers the door

Peter Aldag - Dec.26.2010 · 0 Kommentare

This one you won’t find on YouTube: John Cleese answers the door in his very own way. Rumours being told by the friendly host of the last remaining video, Christoph Wernli, that YouTube does not like nipples, so they took it off from their site. Fortunately, the video can be seen here.